Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Got to be Free

    The novel ANYMART SIX is now available for FREE on Google Play! Download it today to read anywhere, anytime on the Google Play Books app. Or download to transfer to your e-reader! Join Avant & Kate's journey today, along a lonely highway where anything can happen...As fate connects six strangers in 24 hours of chaos, drawn together to a shared fate in one out-of-the-way convenience store.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Welcome to Anymart

      Anymart Six is the story of six strangers who end up sharing one fateful night at an out-of-the-way convenience store as they unravel the conspiracy that brought them all together. In time you'll learn who they are, what they want, and if they got out-But first I'd like to introduce you to a brand: Anymart! The nation's largest convenience store chain. The first location opening in El Paso, Texas in 1982 and quickly growing worldwide- it merged with Merrick Gasoline, and soon they began owning and operating Gas Station/Convenience Stores which represent the majority of locations. Anymart rose past competitors like 7/24, EZ Stop, and Parthenon thanks to its' acquisition by Ameriholdings (A subsidiary of InView telecomm.) who gave the chain quick-rate mortgages and good financing on prime land and attractive locations along major state highways and interstate exits. The real strength of the Anymart brand remains its people, the hard working franchise owners and licensees who position their stores at the forefront of their communities. Thanks to them, Anymart is known for three things: Friendly staff, convenient locations, and no problems! Nobody wants to stop for gas, but when you need to-Anymart is there for you. Anything, Anytime!

Pre-Order Anymart Six Today!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Anymart Six officially announced!

Welcome to Anymart, your one stop convenient location for anything Anymart, anytime! If you're wondering what you're doing here, so are a lot of people lately. And on August 3rd, you can read all about it. Anymart Six, a stranger kind of novel from E.S. Mitchell- Is now available for Pre-Order!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Over 500 convenient locations, and growing everyday!

Watch this space for exciting details, about a franchise location opening in your area, SOON!